Thursday, May 15, 2014

Perspective Final Product

Our chalk wall mural is finally complete! It took a long time to finish it and with weather and planning decisions I'm so glad we have an end result to be proud of.

Through out this entire project, collaborating with my fellow group members has been the most fun and at times most challenging part. While the original sketch was my idea, it was extremely important to integrate everyone else's thoughts and ideas onto the tunnel as well. 
I'm glad that I had such innovative and creative teammates, because without them the wall wouldn't have looked so great! The brick arc and the wall coloring came from Elora, and much of the graffiti on the tunnel walls came from Jay and Anna. Their ideas really made the tunnel shine.
This project presented many challenges. Not only did we have to pick a good spot (that followed the schools limitations) and be careful about its exposure to all the people walking in the school but we also had a task in trying to get the chalk to stay on the wall and look the way we intended. We picked a pretty obvious spot in the courtyard, and got lucky that it wasn't damaged during the creation process.
 In order to make the chalk blend better, and make it easier to spread onto the brick, we mixed some of the chalk with water and used paint brushes to put it on the wall. 
As we progressed through the project, we got better at creating and covering the tunnel walls, and it became easier to make the end result. I'm pretty happy with the final product!

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