Monday, April 14, 2014

Perspective Preview

My idea was to create something using the idea of perspective, and possibly turn it into something inspiring or interactive. I've always loved the concept of the free expression tunnel at NCSU, and I want to try to recreate it. My group as of now includes Elora, Jay, Anna, Ashley, Joseph, and myself. I think we will be able to create something unique and really cool. My first sketch was very rough and highly inaccurate 
So I decided to do some research instead. These pictures ended up inspiring the color sketch that Jay, Elora, and I came up with. 
So our sketch after these photos looked like this, and we will obviously plan out more graffiti pieces and the landscape in the background of the tunnel

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time as an Element Final Product

This project was something very different from most of the projects I've done. The incorporation of paint and photography added another level of organization that I had to try a few different ways to display. 
These are the photos I took over a week in which I had bought some daisies and let them die:
I originally wanted to do the photographs in black and white, but I could not get the lighting exactly the same each day so I put the photos in black and white instead
I originally wanted to go with a bright shade of green for the background of the piece, but did not like the way the green distracted from the black and white photos. My mom suggested using a more monochromatic color scheme so that the flowers would be the main focus:
I repainted the board and also changed the positioning of the photographs to make the piece more interesting and cohesive. I like this end result much more. It is simplistic and sad, but I think the composition makes it interesting and beautiful.