Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snapshot- "Time as an Element"

For this project, I want to do something in regards to the use of time in the death and wilting of plants. Is hope to use the contrast of a typically happy daisy with the process of its death to show that over time, things die. 
My original idea is to photgraph a real daisy over time and capture the progression of its vibrance in he first days, and how it wilts and loses its petals over time. Then I want to paste the photographs sequentially on a board and add some artistic detailing and the words "He loves me, he loves me not" somewhere around the photos.
This project will incorporate live medium (the flower) , as well as photography/digital art, two elements I have never used in an assigned art project before. I am excited to get started and see what other ways I will be ably to expand my area of expertise in art. 

I think I'm taking a risk in choosing to photograph a real flower, as I cannot control how it wilts or loses its petals, but I really want to attempt to make it work and manipulate my plan as I go along to get my original idea displayed!

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